Sunday, November 27, 2011

Glass block Christmas presents

A few weeks ago I went to a craft fair with my sister and fell in love with these lighted Christmas presents made out of glass blocks.  However, I'm kind of cheap and didn't love the price tag.  Always being up for a challenge, I decided to make one for myself.

I'm overall pretty happy with how this turned out.  However, I really need some practice making bows!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cupcake Ornaments

These are only iPhone pictures, so they're not the best.  I'll try to get some better shots soon of these adorable (if I do say so myself) cupcake ornaments I made this weekend.  I can't wait to make more and send them off to some special people!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Crafts

Oh how I wish I had kept up with updating this blog...

It might be a little early, but I am totally in the mood for Christmas.  I have big plans for decorating this year and a lot of it involves being crafty!

I came across a picture of a glass ornament covered in glass jewels in my favorite site, Pinterest, and knew I could make them.

I picked up some glass ornaments at the craft store, got out my glue gun and set to work!  

Overall I'm happy how it came out and I'll likely make a couple more.  However, this is not an ornament for a weak tree branch and the little silver topper isn't very sturdy so I think having these on a shelf is safer!

In the background of the second picture you can partially see another Christmas craft I'm working on!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Too quiet too long

This blog has been long neglected after our wedding. I am sorry to say that I actually stopped creating for quite some time.

However, I am hoping to finish the remodel of my craft room this week and after that I will be back to creating! (In a much bigger and better space since we have moved!)

I have a lot of projects to share with everyone! In the meantime, I have another blog I update with "regular" stuff that I'm not sure I linked here. Check it out!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A couple more DIY projects

This is a sign I made for our candy buffet. Pretty self explanatory with some mints and a cheap dollar store frame. I really love it though!

Double sided sign for our hotel suite. One sign will be out for Friday night & Saturday while we're getting ready. Then the other side for Saturday night. Also very easy.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

How did you make them?

I get this question a lot, so here we go. Start to finish, how I made my invitations.

First - I downloaded the 'flourish' from They have TONS of amazing flourishes. Try searching by flourish, vector, swirl etc. Be creative!

Second - I messed around. I knew I liked the look of right justified writing and it worked well with the flourish. It took me a while to 100% decide on the fonts, but when I put together Edwardian Script and Copperplate Gothic Light.

So there's the basic design. I did it all in PowerPoint and printed it on our color laser printer at work (lucked out there).
I bought Stardream Bronze paper from cut to size (14" x 7"). I used a mat and bone folder to fold at 4.5" from each side so they overlapped. I did this instead of having them meet in the middle because I wanted the inserts to fit on the side.

I printed out all the inserts and matted them to a deep red cardstock that I got at both Michael's and A.C.Moore.

After I glued down the main insert panel to the cardstock I had to figure out how to wrap the ribbons around the inserts in order to have them stay in. I tried this a few different ways, but I couldn't make it work. Here's how I finally got it to work:

I cut the ribbon (Merlot - 5/8") to a length of 11.5" so it would wrap around the inserts (two on each side). I lined the ribbon up along the mat so it would be straight, wrapped it around and secured it with my handy DOTTO dot runner (permanent glue).

Next I measured along the sides so they would be glued down in the middle.

Then I glued them on!

Next I closed them and wrapped them with some pre-cut 1 1/2" merlot ribbon. I used the DOTTO dot runner to secure it and then secured the monogram tag on.

Some more pics:
Stardream cardstock - bronze
Ivory cardstock from Staples
Deep red cardstock Michael's & ACMoore
Double faced satin ribbon - Merlot - ACMoore 5/8" and 1 1/2"
DOTTO dot runner - permanent
Bone folder
Please let me know if you have any questions on them. They have been a HUGE hit with our guests!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

An old project

I made this last summer for my friend's bridal shower. It was a huge hit and some people have been asking, so I wanted to share.

Basically, it is six bottles of wine that correspond to different events. Here are the poems and the tags I did for each bottle of wine, along with the wine I included. I just bought wine with lables I liked for each event.

Your wedding night, attached to a bottle of "Jim Jim" wine (the groom's name):

New Year's Eve (attached to champagne):

One Year Anniversary (on a bottle of "Woop Woop"):

Buying your first home (bottle of "Big Red House"):

First Married Fight (bottle of "Mad Dogs"):

First Baby (Sparkling cider for Mom & Hard Cider for Dad):

This was the basket put together:
Here are the poems that go with each tag (along with the originally suggested bottle of wine):

Your Wedding night: (Shelburne Vineyard, Actic White – semi-sweet)The night you have dreamed of is finally here.The future surrounds you with hope and yet fear.You’ve waited so long to find your true mate.Sip your wine and toast to this very special date.The night is meant for you both to share, So enjoy each other – you’re the perfect pair!

New Year’s Eve: (Champagne)With sparklers and hats there will be lots of cheerSo hold up your glasses and celebrate this special yearAs you reflect on the last year and welcome a newPucker up those lips - you know what to do!

First Married Fight: (1.5 L of Shiraz) When fights occur and tempers are steaming hot, Pour a glass, take a sip, and be thankful for what you’ve got.For a marriage without disagreements would be a real bore.When all is said and done, you’ll love each other even more!

New Home: (Cab Sauv)You’ve lived together now for quite some time.In this day and age, that is hardly a crime.But buying a home together is certainly new.It will take money and work, that much is true!So when the closing is done, this bottle of wine is to share.But drink it down fast or those boxes will still be there!

First Anniversary: (Sauv Blanc)You’ve been married a year – one wonders where the time goes.No longer are you newlyweds, but rather old pros!We hope the days have found you both in good health and spirit.Keep saying the “I love you’s” one always needs to hear it.Now toast to this date as the first but certainly not that last.And as you build your future, don’t ever forget the past.

First Baby: ( Sparkling Cider in a pink bow and Hard Cider in a blue bow))There is news that a baby will soon share your life to make Alaina a mother, not only a wife.You’ll experience the good times and sometimes the bad.Alaina, the loving mother and Jim, the dearest Dad.So here’s one for Jim and for Alaina a special glass…Now sit back and relax as the nine months quickly pass!